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posted by: mark on 5/15/2016

i desperately need God's help to quit smoking. i am helpless and need a miracle.
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Our house needs to sell! Desperate situation
posted by: Claire on 4/27/2016

We desperately need our house to sell- we need a miracle!! There are many homes in our old town and no one is even viewing any of them- no one wants to move there. We can't afford anywhere to live until this house is sold. But we know that God will work regardless of the situation and so we ask that you would please, please join us in prayer! Thank you!
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Need prayer for my mom
posted by: Michael Pang on 3/5/2016

My mother was just diagnosed with Cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed last year and passed away when her body was too weakened by the chemo. Need prayer that the cancer can be completely removed and no chemo is needed.
I will pray 22 people are praying.
Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 2/9/2016

I had graduated high school last year and I have been unemployed from September until late January. Now that I have a job please pray so that I may do well on the job.
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posted by: michael mcbride on 1/19/2016

I'm saved, but I have dibeatise, high blood preasure, high triglicerides, and two mental disorders.
I will pray 29 people are praying.
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/6/2015

Right now I need a new job because my last two jobs have been expired and one of them is only seasonal so please pray so God may find me a new job according to His plans. I had been graduated from high school since May 30 and I am currently unemployed.
I will pray 31 people are praying.
Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 9/10/2015

I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen.
I will pray 32 people are praying.
Car repair and finances for Jessyca Sollenberger
posted by: Brent Jackson on 8/15/2015

Jessyca's alternator and battery went out and the radiator is leaking. She has replaced the battery and alternator herself. She is still having issues with the radiator. She was applying for assistance the day her car got sick. Any prayer or help is greatly appreciated.
I will pray 21 people are praying.
Daughters of a friend
posted by: Brent jackson on 6/10/2015

Please pray for the five daughters of a friend of mine. Currently she is having to spend more time away from work to take care of them and it is putting a financial strain on her income. Please pray for their spiritual health as well. Their is so much more but I want to use discretion because this is an open forum.
I will pray 22 people are praying.
For peace
posted by: Felicia on 6/9/2015

I would like for you to pray for me. Just to allow God more time in my home and family.
I will pray 20 people are praying.
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