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Broken and afraid
posted by: Rick on 4/9/2015

Please pray that God would heal me of my backslidding ways and heal my family from depression , anxiety, evil, and from the divorce and all the pain and trouble it has caused. I'm going through an extreme crisis and I am very afraid.
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posted by: Rick on 2/28/2015

Please pray that my family would heal from the damage of an unwanted divorce, depression,anxiety and that we would have a place to live thank you
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posted by: Kristina Briggs on 1/20/2015

My encounter with Brazos Meadows Baptist Church was indirectly on this past Saturday when I had to do laundry. Praise the Lord for the extra quarters a gentleman gave me to pay it forward from the money he was given! He was handing out quarters to several people. I want to take this opportunity to say I believe this happened for a reason. I am currently looking for a church to attend, and I would love to see if Brazos Meadows is the place for me and my family. Praise the Lord, I sure hope so!
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Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/15/2014

I had started my senior year in high school on September 2 and this is my final year in school. Because it is still very early in the school year it will even be a while before I even graduate. I also need to continue to develop my own personal relationship with God, continue to stay positive, and I do accept Christ as Lord and Savior.
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Pray for my grandpa
posted by: Annabelle de Castro on 9/1/2014

Please pray for my grandfather, Tomas C de Castro jr. who is in ICU hospital in Canada right now. He is having a difficulty in breathing and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I humbly ask for help to pray for him and ask for Gods guidance and his healing powers to heal my grandpa. I know, everything is possible with God and with all your help of prayers as well. Thaank you so much and God bless.
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posted by: Beth and Junior on 8/14/2014

I wanted to shout out a praise that my fiance and I have found a church to call home and that my fiance is deciding to give his life to Christ. Praise GOD that we have been shown the light and the path to follow as we become on family next year in Marriage!
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posted by: Beth Lowe on 8/14/2014

My nephew in law had an accident this past weekend and broke his leg. He will be in a brace and wheel chair bound for the next 7 months. Please pray for healing and mending for him and his family. Thank you
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Lyndi Huggins
posted by: Jim Huggins on 7/9/2014

The following is Lyndi's post on Facebook today; Well, thanks for your prayers and cont'd prayers bc my report on my eyes was very bad! I have a massive hemorrhage in my left eye caused by my extremely high blood pressure and a slight one starting in my right eye. I start shots in my eye tomorrow morning to stop the bleeding. After they get the bleeding stopped, I start laser treatment to preserve the vision I still have. I can no longer lift more than 10 lbs nor apply pressure to my head bc of the bleeding. This makes it difficult to work in early child care. I can only trust in Jesus to get me through this and heal me if He so chooses so that He will be glorified! Amen! Please continue to pray for Lyndi.
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posted by: D on 5/27/2014

Because of my sexual sin, I destroyed my marriage. Please pray for my wife to heal and to forgive me. I pray that I may be restored and to be the husband that I have been called to be.
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youth group
posted by: mariah girardot on 4/27/2014

Hope that she connects with the youth group today to find some positive influences to help change her life.
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