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posted by: Terrance Costley on 11/18/2012

I would like for someone to pray for me and my family because I haven't had a steady job in over two years and the financial debt is tearing us apart.
I will pray 69 people are praying.
HOT Fair Worship Service
posted by: Paul Miller on 9/26/2012

Please be in prayer for our time of worship at the HOT Fair on Oct 7. Pray that we will come ready and expecting to meet with God. Pray that our presence there will be a blessing to folks. Pray that God will send other people to join us that morning who need a touch from the One who is THE source of true life. And pray that God will use all of us to be His hands and feet, to be examples of His love, and to minister to one another as we gather in His name. So let's pray together. Invite some folks. Then come out and join us. It's going to be a great time of worship together! Your staff and your worship team are really looking forward to it! -Paul
I will pray 85 people are praying.
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