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Lyndi Huggins
posted by: Jim Huggins on 7/9/2014

The following is Lyndi's post on Facebook today; Well, thanks for your prayers and cont'd prayers bc my report on my eyes was very bad! I have a massive hemorrhage in my left eye caused by my extremely high blood pressure and a slight one starting in my right eye. I start shots in my eye tomorrow morning to stop the bleeding. After they get the bleeding stopped, I start laser treatment to preserve the vision I still have. I can no longer lift more than 10 lbs nor apply pressure to my head bc of the bleeding. This makes it difficult to work in early child care. I can only trust in Jesus to get me through this and heal me if He so chooses so that He will be glorified! Amen! Please continue to pray for Lyndi.
I will pray 2 people are praying.
posted by: D on 5/27/2014

Because of my sexual sin, I destroyed my marriage. Please pray for my wife to heal and to forgive me. I pray that I may be restored and to be the husband that I have been called to be.
I will pray 5 people are praying.
youth group
posted by: mariah girardot on 4/27/2014

Hope that she connects with the youth group today to find some positive influences to help change her life.
I will pray 10 people are praying.
Ongoing Prayer
posted by: Phil Chavez on 1/11/2014

Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 19 years,I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers
I will pray 19 people are praying.
posted by: Phil Chavez on 12/15/2013

Please Pray GOD Blesses me to be able to always have money to pay bills, buy food, and help others. Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially to be able to buy Christmas presents this year; haven't had any money to buy Christmas Presents for 14 years. Thanks for your Prayers...Phil Chavez
I will pray 20 people are praying.
posted by: robert favors and family on 12/11/2013

we staying with my wife's grandmother in her eledery-suporthousing we dont want her to get out becuuse of us. my wife has ajob and we just got our son in school.I have no ID yet We know ya'll don't know us but could pray for us for a place to live and that i find work real soon.PLEASE and THANK YOU
I will pray 20 people are praying.
Prayer for a friend in need
posted by: Julie on 12/4/2013

A friend of mine at work lost her husband 10 months ago in a motorcycle accident. She's left behind with their 3 children, their youngest is 13 and still at home. The 13 year old is so angry and unforgiving. She won't go to school, she won't do anything. While my friend is having her own hard time dealing with her husband being gone (espcially around the holidays) she's now having to try to figure out what to do about her daughter. My friend doesn't know who she is anymore. Isn't sure why she's here. We need to remind her that she's here because God's not done with her here on earth. Please help me help my friend and her little girl.
I will pray 21 people are praying.
Prayer for my little Angel that is inside me.
posted by: Peggy Alejandro on 8/29/2013

I went to the OB yesterday and she is scheduling for me to see a specialist for Thyroid. I would like y'all to pray that no matter what the findings my little angel will be born with no health problems including future health problems. Thank you. Peggy
I will pray 25 people are praying.
back injury
posted by: bill schott on 8/22/2013

iwould like for yall to pray for resolution of my back injury that the judge finds it in his heart to find in my favor and that i find financial relief while waiting for his decision and would like to thank God for not allowing me to go back to bottle for comfort during these stressful times
I will pray 27 people are praying.
Prayer for my mom- Beth
posted by: John on 4/8/2013

Pls. I would like ongoing prayer for my mom that God will restore her health and recover frm these strokes. Her name is Beth J. Thank-u and God bless.
I will pray 37 people are praying.
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