discipleship night for adults

Wednesday D-Night Classes  (Fall 2017)

Don’t Waste Your Life.  Most people slip by in life without a passion for God, spending their lives on trivial diversions, living for comfort and pleasure... and perhaps trying to avoid sin. Yet as John Piper teaches in this series and its companion materials, God has designed us for far more than this. We just have to awaken to the simple, biblical reality that "to live is Christ, and to die is gain." This class is for anyone seeking to live for Christ.Bill Schott will be the facilitator. The study guide is $10.00.

Double header. This will be two seven week courses back to back. The first is called Gospel Shaped Worship and the second is Gospel Shaped Living. In the former, as you search the Scriptures together, you will discover that true worship encompasses the whole of life. This study will challenge you to worship God every day of the week, with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. In the latter, your group will embark on a journey to discover the kind of people that we should be as we are shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  David Davidson and Michael Thompson will lead these studies. Books are $10.00 each.

Kingdom Woman.  A kingdom woman gives the devil as much reason to fear as a kingdom man. She lives confidently in the knowledge that Christ died and rose for her so that she can experience the significance of the destiny to which she has been called. InKingdom Woman, Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, remind women of their calling from God to be free, delivered, healed, and hopeful. Phyllis Hooten will facilitate the group meetings. Books will be $7.00 for the study guide and an additional $13.00 if you want a copy of the original hardback book

1 John.  Do you want to know more about Jesus' person and work? Do you understand the danger of sin? Do you see the need for love in our society today? Then this is your study! Whether you are a mature believer, whether your faith wavers too often to suit you, or whether you are checking out the reality of who Jesus claimed to be, you will find your answers in 1 John.  Join us!  Billy Edwards will facilitate.